Landscape Architecture

We carry out projects that are beyond what you could imagine, special places where you can relax and unwind
General Plan | Plan of Plantations | Floor Plan | Coating Plan | Watering Plan

In this process, RELVA VIVA takes care to interpret our customers’ wants and needs. We begin by visiting the site, gathering information about the space and the surroundings (morphology, climate, noise, etc.). This preliminary study is essential and will serve as a basis for the General Plan we present to the client.


After defining the General Plan, if the client wishes, we will draft the Planting Plan (trees, shrubs and herbaceous flora), the Pavement Plan, the Covering Plan, and the Irrigation Plan. Map of quantities and the Description.


After completing the project, we move on to the construction and follow-up phases of the work. In the case of the contract being awarded, we deduct the cost of the project of the value of the construction works.

The choice of trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants to be planted in your garden should take into consideration the adaptation of the species to the climatic conditions of the region and the location, among other factors. A good choice can save you resources (e.g. water, fertilizer, etc.) and ensure successful planting.

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