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Who we are and what moves us

RELVA VIVA is the result of an idea considered over several years. We are a new company with facilities in the area of Sintra, which has highly certified professionals.

Since 2010 we have been providing services throughout the country, from North to South, in both gardens, parks and other urban, outdoor spaces, as well as in forested and rural spaces, within the scope of: Counseling, Design and Projects, Construction and monitoring of works, Maintenance and Management, etc.

Garden Construction / Maintenance
Irrigation Systems
Landscape Architecture Projects
Forest Services

Among many others.

In addition to the aforementioned services, we commercialize and rent plants and other accessories related to gardening and decoration.

At RELVA VIVA we make a difference with our constant search for innovative and sustainable solutions at the requests of our customers and with our professionalism and experience of our technicians. These are qualities that allow us to present the best solutions within a cost/quality distribution.


Our aim is to provide well-maintained and high quality living and leisure spaces. Above all, we want to satisfy our customers.


From a global perspective, we hope to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the quality of people’s lives by improving the green spaces we all enjoy daily, whether public or private, urban or rural.

Environmental and Social Commitment

At RELVA VIVA we take into account environmental and social commitment. It is of the utmost importance that our work contributes to the preservation of the environmental value of your landscape and well-being.

Thus, the environmental and societal concerns of all those who enjoy our work are banded to our efficiency.  We ensure adherence to legislation in regards to:

– Good practices of integrated protection, promoting the balance of ecosystems and the defense of public health;
– Controlled use of phytosanitary chemicals by certified operators;
– Compliance with standards and rules of quality, hygiene, and occupational safety.

We also stand for:

Optimization of the use of natural resources (e.g. conscious water use in irrigation according to the season of the year);
– The choice of plants adapted to the region in consideration beyond greater success of landscape integration as a solution;

– The creation of pleasant and safe environments according to existing norms.

In an environmental and social context, initiatives such as: The voluntary tree planting campaign in collaboration with EDP – Évora, 2011; The sponsorship of equestrian events – Herdade de Vale Sabroso, 2011 and Beloura Centro Hípico, 2011; The planting of pines for our Christmas Campaigns – Since 2010.

Our Staff

“A qualified team is the key of the success in our projects”

Our team is comprised of professionals from a wide variety areas and specialties, including engineers, managers, landscape architects, and gardening technicians. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to analyze and consider all aspects in order to find the best solutions for our clients.

We encourage and invest in the training and qualifications of our employees. Our employees have the technical knowledge to perform their services at their best.

At RELVA VIVA we consider it extremely important to keep abreast of national and international innovations. We provide our employees with the opportunity to visit various exhibitions in the sector, attend conferences, etc.

In our team there is a responsible technician for the application of plant protection products, and our gardeners are qualified to apply plant protection products by Dgav.

In addition to technical side, we value the social skills of our employees. At RELVA VIVA we value a good relationship with customers.


At RELVA VIVA we want to improve constantly. We believe that certification is essential to this improvement, contributing to increased customer and worker confidence.

Authorization for the provision of services for the terrestrial application of plant protection products, attributed from the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary (License nº036-AT). We are, at the moment, one of the few companies authorized for this purpose in the region of Sintra

We have a technician responsible for the application of plant protection products and several applicators.

Building permit Nº70906

SME certification, awarded by IAPMEI

Feedback from our customers is of utmost importance to us!

  • Guarantee of Good Results  


We are dedicated to guaranteeing our clients that the work is carried out faithfully and that the company has demonstrated its suitability, good technical and financial capacity, adequate equipment, and compliance with technical standards and practices of good artistry (ex. SANEST – Sanctuary of the Estoril Coast, 2014; Província Portuguesa do Instituto das Irmãs de Sta. Doroteia, 2014).


RELVA VIVA is associated with:

ANEFA - Associação Nacional de Empresas Florestais, Agrícolas e do Ambiente
Cooperativa Agrícola de Sintra

Established partnership aim to improve our response to our customers’ requests.

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