Did you know that planting a tree near the house can save you energy? Deciduous trees provide shade to the house during the summer and allow the solar rays to pass through the winter, reducing costs it would take to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.
Pruning | Transplants | Risk Assessment | Pest and Disease Control

RELVA VIVA depends on a team prepared to guarantee the physiological, sanitary, and aesthetic balance of trees.


We want to promote the quality of your trees, caring for them so as to avoid the internal tissue rot when they have gashes, wounds, or cavities in order to avoid parasitic attacks, etc. At the same time, we want to ensure public safety, always finding the best solution for trees that might jeopardize this safety.


Within this scope we provide various services such as:

  • Control and treatment of pests (e.g. red palm weevil, pine processionary caterpillar);
  • Dismantling of trees with log retention;
  • Pruning young trees and pruning large trees, as well as any other type of pruning;
  • Cutting trees and palm trees (as well as deepening the roots);
  • Transplantation of large trees and provision of millennium olive trees;
  • Tree risk assessment;
  • Supply and planting of trees.

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