Construction and Maintenance of Gardens

We bring about and maintain quality green spaces, whatever the area and the client's specifications are!
Diagnosis and recovery of gardens | Pest, disease, and weed control | Fertilization
Maintenance of lawns and meadows | Sowing and weeding of beds | Raising and replanting of beds
Pruning of trees and shrubs, chopping and mulching | General cleaning of green areas | Maintenance of automatic irrigation systems
Swimming pool maintenance | Maintenance of outdoor furniture, decks and playgrounds

Our curriculum includes several works in the area of maintenance and construction of gardens. Works that accompany our activity from the beginning, of which we are very proud, and of which we have very positive feedback.

The garden is and should be a space of daily use that our customers can enjoy constantly without worries. Therefore, we consider it indispensable to provide well-maintained spaces. We try to understand what type of use is required and to be able to define the most effective plan for each garden, adapted to the needs of each client accordingly.

RELVA VIVA also stands out amid the larger national picture in the area of construction of gardens. Our experience and dedication guarantee the quality of our work both in small private gardens as well as in urban parks / gardens.


We carry out work and accompaniment of works both for gardens designed by us and for projects of third parties, both for projects large and small, publica and private… We deal with all aspects inherent to the work in order to free the client of concerns.


We have employees and equipment suitable to carry out all these types of work, for which we are authorized under License No. 70906. We are thus prepared to realize green spaces of quality, whatever the area and the specifications of the client are.

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